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Cart Abandonment Automation

Learn how to setup a cart abandonment automation.

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Our cart abandonment automation helps you engage with interested customers who left their carts without purchasing. It allows you to follow up immediately and increase your chances of converting their interest into sales.

You can save time with automated follow-ups, like personalized messages sent at the right time. Track and analyze customer behavior to optimize your sales process, improve user experience, and reduce cart abandonment rates in the future.

Before running a cart abandonment automation, you must:

Let's start 🛒!

How to create cart abandonment automation?

Click the Setup button on the Automation page inside the outbound.

Coupon setup

Select a suggested coupon or customize your own, then click save & continue.

💡 Tip

Discount coupon 🏷️

Read more about Salla's ecommerce platform dynamic coupon.

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Read more about Shopify's ecommerce platform dynamic coupon.

Send Message Template

The automation can be three steps, each containing Delay & Template Message.

  • Delay: the time your customers will delay before receiving the template.

  • Template Message: the message will be sent to the customers when the delay ends.

Click Setup, choose one of the delay options, then select a template message.


You only need to set up the first-step card. The additional steps are optional for further customization across the customer journey inside this automation.

Please take a look at your automation steps. Once you finish, you can set your automation to Live or Save As Draft.

💡 Tip

Automation with pending templates will be set to pending status. Once all templates are approved, we will set the automation to live, and you will receive an email.

Cart Abandonment Terms

The automation conditions and your contact's behavior are based on these conditions:

  • Trigger Conditions

    • We received a cart abandonment webhook from your e-commerce store &
      The contact did not opt out of the business messages.

  • Exit Conditions

    • The contact is in an active conversation with an agent.

    • The contact opted out of the business messages during the automation.

    • The contact has started a new cart abandonment automation.

    • The contact has created a new order while the automation is running &

      The order conversion is not attributed to this campaign.

  • Conversion Conditions

    • The contact has created a new order while the automation is running &
      The order conversion is attributed to this campaign.

  • Completed Conditions

    • The contact has completed the automation to the last step.

    • The contact has converted, and the conversion is attributed to this campaign.

Once your automation is live, you can track your automation performance. 📊

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