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How to Set Up Automation with Discount Coupons (Salla)
How to Set Up Automation with Discount Coupons (Salla)

Learn how create a Salla coupon inside your automations.

Updated over a week ago

You can create Salla coupons in the BusinessChat platform in two ways:

1. Using Suggested Coupons

To simplify the setup, you can choose from our pre-designed coupon options:

A. 80 SAR OFF:

  • Type: Fixed Amount.

  • Amount: SAR 80.

  • Minimum purchase amount: SAR 200.

B. 20% OFF.

  • Type: a percentage of the total amount.

  • Amount: 20% off the entire order amount.

  • Minimum purchase amount: SAR 200.

  • Maximum discount amount: SAR 100.


Suggested coupons will have the prefix BCC, followed by three auto-generated random characters.

2. Building custom coupon

For more flexibility, you can configure a coupon to match your specific needs:

  • Prefix: Define the Prefix of your coupon. We will then append three random characters to this prefix to create unique coupons.

  • Coupon Types:

    • Fixed amount.

    • A percentage of the total amount.

    • Free shipping.

  • Discount Amount: The discount your customers will get by applying the coupon.

  • Minimum purchase amount: The minimum total value of the items in the shopping cart must be met to be eligible to apply the coupon.

  • Maximum discount amount (for percentage coupon only): The maximum discount customers can get by applying the coupon.

  • Include discounted products: If you enable this option, the promo code will be applied to the products already discounted in your e-commerce store.

  • Free Shipping

    The order will be free shipping.

How will the coupon be created on Salla?

BusinessChat has an automated process to generate coupons on Salla for your contacts. Here's how it works:

  1. Daily Coupon Generation: Every day, for each automation you've set up, BusinessChat will create a new coupon. It will include your defined prefix in addition to three random characters auto-generated by the system.

  2. Coupon Distribution: Contacts that begin automation on a particular day will receive this coupon. This coupon remains valid for three days after the automation's final step.

  3. Single Coupon: The same coupon will be used across all steps of the automation for those specific contacts.

To ensure the integrity of this process and minimize misuse, we've implemented certain measures:

  • Overall Usage Limit: This defines how many times a coupon can be redeemed. We've set no limit on this, meaning it can be used multiple times.

  • User-Specific Limit: Each contact can use the coupon only once. This is automatically set to ensure fairness.

  • Expiry Details: Coupons will expire three days after the last step of the automation, ensuring timely use.

⚡️ Attention

Please note that the coupon discount will always be in your eCommerce store currency. If it differs, we will update your BusinessChat account currency to match your installed ecommerce store currency.

If you edited your automation and used a new coupon:

  • New contacts that join the automation after the edit will get the new coupon.

  • Existing contacts who joined before the edit will use the old coupon.

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