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BusinessChat account currency
BusinessChat account currency

Get started with BusinessChat currency.

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BusinessChat, businesses can effortlessly handle their preferred currency settings and ensure seamless integration with popular e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, Salla, and Zid.

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Account Currency

Within the BusinessChat account settings, administrators can select the desired currency for their platform's reports and revenue statistics. This feature empowers businesses to monitor their financial performance accurately and make informed decisions based on real-time currency data.

Currency Conversion

When an e-commerce app is installed, BusinessChat automatically adjusts the account currency to match the currency used in the connected store. This automatic currency mapping ensures accurate and reliable revenue statistics, minimizing discrepancies caused by currency conversions.

💡 Tip

If it differs, we will update your account currency to match the installed ecommerce store currency.

By aligning with the currency of the connected e-commerce store, BusinessChat helps businesses prevent mistakes and streamline their operations. It encourages users to create discount coupons within the e-commerce store's currency framework, eliminating any confusion or miscalculations that may arise due to currency differences.

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