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Order Status Notifications

Learn how to set up your e-commerce order status automation.

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Order Status Notifications Automation allows businesses with integrated e-commerce platforms to keep customers effortlessly informed about their order status.

By automating order updates, businesses can save time, minimize errors, and foster stronger customer loyalty. In addition, customers can have real-time updates from order confirmation to shipment tracking and delivery notifications.

Before running the order status automation, you must:

Let's start ✋!

How to set it up?

Go to the Automation tab, then click on the order status card.


Review the order statuses you want to cover for this automation by selecting all the relevant statuses you need to notify your customers about.

Send Template Message

Select a WhatsApp template of order status notification usage to be sent to your customers when the status of their order changes.

⚡ Attention

Ensure the selected template includes custom fields to generate the order's current status from your e-commerce store. For example, you can use a template like:
"Hi there, your order status is {{Status}}."

Set to Live

Ensure that the triggers and notifications align with the desired user experience, then set the automation to "Live" to start running it.

Now you are ready to track the performance of your automation 📊!

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