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Get started with BusinessChat App on Zid.
Get started with BusinessChat App on Zid.

Maximizing Zid's potential with BusinessChat.

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BusinessChat empowers your Zid e-commerce platform. Follow this guide to get started quickly, enhance customer engagement, streamline communication, and drive business growth.

Let's start 🚀!

1. Select a Plan.

From Zid App Store, choose a plan that suits your business needs. Then, review the features and benefits of each plan to make an informed decision.

2. Install the BusinessChat App.

Search for the BusinessChat App from the Zid App Store. Then, install it.

3. Sign up for BusinessChat.

After installing the app, sign up for BusinessChat to create your account.
If you get disconnected during sign-up, don't worry, you'll receive an email to complete your signup process.

4. Activate Your Account and Get Training

Once you log in, you'll need to book a meeting with the BusinessChat support team to help activate your account and provide training to maximize the platform's features.

How to Use Zid Inside BusinessChat?

Outbound Marketing Automation

1. Cart Abandonment.

Engage with customers who showed interest in your Zid products but still need to complete their orders. Use the Cart Abandonment automation to recover up to 15% of lost sales.

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2. First purchase - upsell.

It helps businesses thank new customers for their support and build lasting relationships. You can send promo codes or product recommendations to inspire their next purchase.

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3. Win-back.

Revive customers who haven't purchased in a while. It sends targeted messages to encourage them to return and buy.

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4. Target Zid contacts in WhatsApp Marketing campaigns.

Quickly grow your Zid store by syncing contacts with BusinessChat. This simple and automated process expands your WhatsApp channel database. Connect with potential customers effortlessly through targeted WhatsApp Marketing campaigns, and watch your store's sales soar.

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5. Order status notifications.

Keep customers informed about their Zid order status with real-time notifications. As a result, they enhance their experience and focus on other tasks.

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6. Order Tracking via WhatsApp Chatbot 🤖.

Empowering Customers with Convenience and Transparency. Our user-friendly WhatsApp chatbot informs them about their order status in real time.

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Valuable real-time insights

Automation and campaigns Attribution.

You can easily stay informed about the revenue generated by your outbound marketing campaigns. Our intuitive solution allows you to monitor the total orders placed on your e-commerce platform effortlessly.

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With these valuable features, you can optimize your marketing strategy for even better results. Identify which campaigns drive the most sales, understand customer behavior, and refine your approach accordingly. Take advantage of this powerful tool to fuel your growth and uncover new opportunities in the dynamic marketing world.

How to uninstall BusinessChat app?

1. Uninstall from the Zid App Store.

Go to the Zid App Store, find the BusinessChat app in your installed apps, and select uninstall.

2. Uninstall from the BusinessChat App Store.

Alternatively, you can go to the BusinessChat App Store within Zid, click uninstall, and follow the prompts.

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