One of the main differences in using WhatsApp to send marketing campaigns is the ability to get a detailed view of customer engagement with your campaign.

In BusinessChat, we provide full details to give you 360 view of your campaign performance.

Once you send the campaign, go to the campaign page, and you will see your campaign detail performance.

campaign report

Campaign Statistics

This is how we calculate these numbers:

  • Sent: The number of contacts that BusinessChat sent the campaign to.

  • Sent Ratio: 1 - (Failed / all recipients) x 100%

  • Delivered: Number of Sent Messages - Number of Rejected messages - Number of Bounced Messages

  • Delivery Ratio: (Successful deliveries / Sent) x 100%

  • Read: The number of Contacts who opened the campaign.

  • Read Ratio: (Read/ Delivered) x 100%

  • Replied: Number of contacts who replied to quick reply templates

  • Replies ratio: (Replied/Read) x 100%

  • Unsubscribed: Total contacts who have unsubscribed from the campaign

  • Unsubscribed Ratio: (Unsubscribed /Read) x 100%

  • Bounced: the number of messages rejected by WhatsApp regardless of the reason

  • Bounce Ratio: (Bounced / Sent) x 100%

  • Failed: Number of messages rejected by BusinessChat before sending to WhatsApp. Adding failed with sent equals all the contacts you have selected in your campaign.

  • Failed Ratio: (Failed / recipients) x 100%.

Break Down of contacts responses

If you have configured multiple replies in your campaign, you can check how the customers engaged with each button:

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