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WhatsApp Marketing Campaigns
WhatsApp Marketing Campaigns

Learn how to set up successful marketing campaigns on WhatsApp, offering ten times better results than SMS and E-mail

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WhatsApp Marketing Campaigns

In this chapter, you will find the following sections:

  1. Definition of marketing campaigns

  2. Setting up marketing campaigns

  3. Marketing campaign Reports

Definition of marketing campaigns

Marketing campaigns on WhatsApp provide results 10 times better than SMS and email. Receiving SMS and email campaigns is highly expected, and people no longer open them. That’s why, you should transform your campaigns into a channel that people enjoy using, like WhatsApp.

Marketing campaigns work as follows: When you send a campaign, your customers will receive a message on WhatsApp with your store's name. This message includes an image, a promotional text with discounts, and a call-to-action button that allows them to shop directly from the application or redirects them to your online store.

Setting up marketing campaigns

Go to the outbound campaigns page, and then click on new outbound Campaign at the top of the page.

Give the campaign a name and launch campaign manager.

3. Select a WhatsApp number (1) if you have more than one and your daily sending limit will be displayed under it then click Next Step (2).

4. choose the customer group that will receive the campaign (1) or upload a list (2).

5. When uploading a list, you need to specify the column that contains the customers' phone numbers (1)

You can tick all contact numbers are from and select a country if they are from the same country (2)

And confirm that you have their consent to receive messages from you (3), then click on Next Step (4).

6. Choose the campaign template you will send

To create a marketing template, go to the Create Message Templates chapter

7. Select an approved template based on the language or from the template list (1).

8. Add an image to the template (2) and tracking information for the campaign's call to action (3), then proceed to the next step (4).

9. Choose the type of bot you will use (1), then click on Next Step (2).

10. Finally, review the sending number, target audience, and message, then send it.

Marketing campaign Reports

After setting up and running the campaign, it is important to monitor its performance.

Inside the marketing campaigns page, click on the campaign you want to track, and you will find the following statistics:

Sent (1): The total number of customers the platform sent the campaign to on WhatsApp.

Delivered (2): The number of messages that reached the customers.

Read (3): The number of messages that the customers read.

Clicked (4): The number of customers who clicked on the call-to-action buttons.

Unsubscribed (5): Total contacts who have unsubscribed from the campaign.

Bounced (6): the number of messages rejected by WhatsApp regardless of the reason.

Failed (7): Number of messages rejected by BusinessChat before sending to WhatsApp.

Revenue (8): This is the total amount of orders purchased on your installed e-commerce platform within 5 days of sending the campaign. It requires the installation of the e-commerce application.

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