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WhatsApp Marketing Campaigns: Policies & Best practices
WhatsApp Marketing Campaigns: Policies & Best practices

WhatsApp marketing campaigns policies and best practices for a better ROI.

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WhatsApp Marketing Campaigns: Policies & Best practices

To ensure a successful WhatsApp marketing campaign, it's crucial to have a comprehensive understanding of the policies and employ the best practices related to design, text, call to action, target audience, and WhatsApp status.

Let's dive into each aspect in detail! 👀


The design of a WhatsApp campaign template can greatly impact its effectiveness. The header of a WhatsApp campaign template can be assigned as an image, a video, or a document. However, it's important to adhere to certain size and dimension limits to ensure optimal display:


16 MB



5 MB



100 MB



1920 px


3667 px

💡 Tip

Always use a high-quality image that effectively showcases your product and, if possible, highlights any ongoing offers.


Crafting the right message is a critical aspect of any marketing campaign. For WhatsApp marketing, keep in mind the following guidelines for text:

  • The message can contain up to 1024 characters, including special characters and emojis.

  • It's crucial to have a clear, compelling offer, preferably exclusive and time-sensitive. Including coupons dedicated to the campaign is highly recommended.

💡 Tip

Strive for a concise text length of around 160 characters for optimal impact. Additionally, personalize your message using customer information, utilizing dynamic fields.

Call to Action

The call to action within your WhatsApp marketing campaign should be designed for minimal friction and maximum engagement. It can take various forms, including a product catalogue, website page, phone call, or agent conversation.

💡 Tip

Ensure your call to action is trackable to measure the campaign's ROI effectively. Utilize UTMs and dedicated coupon codes for this purpose.


Targeting the right audience is a crucial determinant of your campaign's success. When selecting your target audience, consider the following:

  • You can start with customers who have already engaged with your brand.

  • Ideally, you should focus on prospects that are likely to find your offer appealing to you.

🔴 Alert

Never buy a database; instead, focus on building your own. Sending a campaign to everyone in the database should be an exception, not the norm.

WhatsApp Status

Understanding and managing your WhatsApp status is crucial for a smooth campaign execution. Here are the critical aspects related to WhatsApp status:

Payment Method

Please ensure your payment method is correctly connected to the WhatsApp manager.

Template Status

WhatsApp must approve all message templates before sending them to your customers.

Phone Number Status

Your phone number must be connected and in tier 1 or above.

With a thorough understanding of design, text, call to action, audience targeting, and WhatsApp status, you are now equipped to launch a successful WhatsApp marketing campaign. Best of luck! 😄"

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