Suppose you need to customize your message to every contact, like greeting them by name, sending appointment details, or cart abandonment links. To do this in your campaigns, you can use the dynamic audience feature, which allows you to personalize your campaign to each recipient.

Things you need to know before sending a dynamic content campaign:

  • You can only send a marketing campaign using a pre-approved message template.

  • Please ensure you get your target customers' appropriate consent (opt-in). Opt-in is required by WhatsApp.

    Dynamic content campaign Checklist:

    [ ] You have an approved custom fields message template ready to be used.
    [ ] You should prepare your campaign data inside a CSV file.
    [ ] Campaign template should have at least a single custom field.
    [ ] Campaign artwork is ready (video, images, brochure..).

    Now let's start!

    Step 1: Download the sample CSV file

    In the Campaigns tab, while in the To step, select Upload contacts with dynamic content.

    Then press on Download a Sample.

    Step 2: Preparing dynamic content

    It will help if you work on the downloaded sample to prepare your dynamic content.

    ⚡️ Attention

    You can read this article to avoid some common mistakes while preparing a CSV file.

    Things you need to know about preparing your CSV file:

  • You must have a phone number column that contains your customer's numbers.

  • Your phone numbers should be in the international format, including the country code.

  • The mobile phone column should be formatted in a number format.

  • You can change the columns headers to any text value.

  • You can add as many columns as you need in your campaign.

  • Column headers should have different titles from each other.

  • Save your file in CSV (utf-8 if you have Arabic letters).

    Now, let's start editing your file!

    Select the Mobile numbers column to change its format to Number Format.

    Go to Cells Formatter and change the value from General to Number.

    While still selecting the mobile numbers column, press twice on the Decimal decrease to remove decimal places from your numbers.

    Finally, you can change column headers or add more columns to your file.

    Once you are ready, save the file in CSV format.

    Now you are ready 😀. Let's go back to the BusinessChat platform 🖥.

    Step 3: Uploading CSV File

    Inside the platform, press Select CSV File From Your Computer.

    Then you can choose the file you prepared for this campaign.

When uploading the CSV file, select the column that contains your customer's phone numbers.

🔴 Alert

Change the mobile phone column to Number format to avoid numbers ending with 0's error.

Country Code Formatter is optional. It will add the selected country code to your customer's numbers.

🔴 Alert

If your file has numbers from a country other than the selected country, those contacts won't receive your messages.

At the bottom of the page, the Opt-in status is mandatory.

Now you are ready to complete other steps. In the top right corner, press Next Step.

Step 4: Message Customization

In the Message tab, you need to press Select WhatsApp template to set your template.

💡 Tip

If you have many approved templates, we suggest using a Template language filter to save you time.

After selecting your WhatsApp template, you need to customize it inside the preview box. Press on Select A Field to place your dynamic fields.

From the opening list, under Select your CSV field, you need to choose your fields.

Then you need to Enter a fallback value for your field.

Make sure to set all your dynamic fields and fallback values, then upload your suitable prepared artwork to your header (if it has a media header).

Congrats! You are ready to continue and launch your campaign as usual 🚀.

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