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Getting Started with Marketing Campaigns
Getting Started with Marketing Campaigns

Send broadcast advertising campaigns to your customers.

Updated over a week ago

BusinessChat makes it simple to send official WhatsApp marketing campaigns to your customers. You can reach hundreds of thousands of customers within just 5 minutes.

Key Points to Remember

1. Use Pre-Approved Message Templates.

2. Check Your WhatsApp's Daily Limit.

3. Get Customer Consent.

4. Cost of Conversations.

How to launch a new outbound campaign?

Step 1: Access Campaigns Tab

Go to the Campaigns tab and click "New Outbound Campaign". Name your campaign and select the phone number if you have more than one number linked to the platform.

⚡ Attention

You will not be able to launch a new campaign if your account has:

  • WhatsApp payment issue.

  • WhatsApp channel issue.

  • Outstanding invoices.

Step 1: Select Your Target Customers

Choose a customer group or upload contacts with dynamic fields.

Step2: Craft Your Message

Pick a pre-approved template, attach artwork, and preview the message.

⚡ Attention

You can only select high-quality approved templates to ensure your campaign is not interrupted due to Meta terms.

Step 3: Set Up Replies

Decide how your bot should handle customer replies. Customize the bot flow based on the message content (available for templates with quick reply buttons).

Step 4: Review and Send

Review all the details, send a test message, schedule the campaign, or send it immediately. Keep in mind that scheduled campaigns can be rescheduled or deleted.

You'll receive an email notification once your campaign is executed.

After sending, check the campaign's performance on the campaign page. Analyze the results for insights! 🚀

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