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Understanding campaign statistics report
Understanding campaign statistics report

Understand campaign performance and how it's calculated.

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One of the main differences in using WhatsApp to send marketing campaigns is the ability to get a detailed view of customer engagement with your campaign. Once you send the campaign, go to the campaign page, and you will see your campaign detail performance.

Campaign statistics

1. Sent

The number of contacts to whom the campaign was sent.

  • Sent Ratio: (Sent messages / all recipients) x 100%

2. Delivered

The number of messages delivered to your contacts (Sent Messages - Failed Messages).

  • Delivery Ratio: (Successful deliveries / Sent messages) x 100%

💡 Tip

3. Read

The number of contacts who opened (read) the campaign message on WhatsApp.

  • Read Ratio: (Read messages / Delivered messages) x 100%

4. Replied

The number of contacts who responded to quick reply templates.

  • Replies ratio: (Replied messages /Read messages) x 100%

5. Unsubscribed

Total contacts who unsubscribed from the campaign.

  • Unsubscribed Ratio: (Unsubscribed /Read) x 100%

6. Failed

The number of messages rejected by WhatsApp for any reason and those rejected by BusinessChat before being sent to WhatsApp. Meta's common failure reasons.

  • Failed Ratio: (Failed / all recipients) x 100%.

7. Clicked

The number of contacts who interacted with call-to-action templates.

  • Clicked Ratio: (Clicked / Read) x 100%.

8. Converted

The number of contacts who made a purchase and attributed to the campaign.

  • Conversion Ratio: (Order's count / successfully sent messages) * 100%.

9. Revenues

The total amount of orders created and attributed to the campaign.

Break down of contact's responses.

If you have configured multiple replies in your campaign, you can check how the customers engaged with each button:

Export Campaign Data

You can export two types of reports for more detailed insights:

Contacts Report

It shows you a full report of each contact and whether the message was sent/delivered.. etc., to that contact. It also shows each contact error reason if the messages failed.

Revenues Report

It helps you identify orders linked to the campaign, including contact numbers, order dates, and order amounts in USD.

💡 Tip

To troubleshoot orders, compare the contact numbers with your e-commerce store orders to find those resulting from your BusinessChat campaigns.

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