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Understanding BusinessChat Dashboard
Understanding BusinessChat Dashboard

BusinessChat dashboard analytics.

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Understanding the BusinessChat dashboard and utilizing its revenue and analytics statistics is essential for businesses aiming to maximize their potential on WhatsApp. Utilize the quick access cards and tables to gain valuable insights into revenues, manage automations and campaigns effectively, and optimize your marketing strategy for enhanced growth and success.

In this article, we'll delve into the BusinessChat dashboard, exploring key features and providing insights into revenue and analytics statistics.

Quick Access Cards

1. Lifetime Revenues

The Lifetime Revenues card offers an overview of revenue data, showcasing the lifetime revenues across the platform and the data from the last 30 days. It includes key metrics like total converted carts from cart abandonment automation and the number of orders generated from all automations and campaigns.

2. Automation Revenues in the Last 30 Days

This card provides a snapshot of revenue generated through automations in the past 30 days, complete with a growth/decline indicator for a quick performance comparison with the previous 30 days. Additionally, it highlights the total orders and average order value, giving valuable insights into automation effectiveness.

3. Campaign Revenues in the Last 30 Days

Like the Automation Revenues card, this card focuses on campaign-generated revenues in the last 30 days. It offers insights into revenue growth or decline compared to the previous month, along with total orders and average order value attributed to campaigns.

4. Popup Revenues

The Popup Revenues card presents the welcome series automation popup statistics, including revenues, captured contacts, and capture rate. It offers a clear view of the impact of popup engagements on revenue generation.

⚡ Attention

We will attribute all orders created via popup-captured contacts to the popup revenues during the lifetime of the contact. This will work regardless if a contact was part of a campaign or an automation. For example, if a contact was captured by the popup, and then created 10 orders during a year, all revenues of those orders will appear under the popup revenues.

BusinessChat Tables

1. Revenues Table

This table provides a comprehensive overview of revenues generated through automations and campaigns. It compares the revenue for the last 30 days, the previous 30 days, and the lifetime revenue for each. Additionally, it offers a quick check on automation statuses and the total lifetime orders for each automation.

💡 Tip

You will find the number of campaigns with at least one order attributed in the campaign status column.

2. WhatsApp Number Table

Here, users can quickly and easily check the status of their WhatsApp number and daily message-sending limit. It offers essential information for effective communication via WhatsApp.

3. Payment Table

The Payment Table is a vital resource for monitoring the payment status associated with the WhatsApp Business account. It provides insights into payment issues, BusinessChat subscription status, outstanding bills, and the next billing date.

The user-friendly quick access cards and helpful tables will give insights into revenues, make managing automations and campaigns a breeze, and supercharge your marketing strategy for success.

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