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Understanding how revenues are attributed to your marketing activities
Understanding how revenues are attributed to your marketing activities

Learn how we calculate and attribute your campaign and automation revenues.

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Tracking and attributing your marketing efforts can be a complex task. However, BusinessChat simplifies this process, ensuring accuracy and effectiveness. Let's explore how it works step by step.

How does BusinessChat attribute an Order?

To attribute an order to a marketing activity (campaign or automation), We check:

  • If the contact received and read the marketing message within 5 days before creating the order.

  • If the contact used the coupon code in the message (only for coupons created by BusinessChat Platform).

If one of these conditions is met, we attribute the order and mark it as converted.

⚡️ Attention

BusinessChat tracks conversations and attribution based on created orders. If the order is modified or canceled, this won't be reflected on BusinessChat, and we will keep the revenue attribution reports as is.

How does BusinessChat get the attribution data?

This is done automatically. Our platform is connected with your eCommerce store, so we can check when an order is created and if it is related to a marketing activity.

To which marketing activity does BusinessChat attribute orders?

BusinessChat attributes the revenue to the last marketing activity (campaign or automation) before creating the order.

For example, suppose a contact received a cart abandonment message on Sunday and a marketing campaign message on Monday and then placed an order on Wednesday. In that case, the order will be credited to the campaign message based on the latest activity.

Calculating Conversion Rate

BusinessChat calculates the conversion ratio using this formula:
(Orders attributed to a campaign / Successfully sent messages) * 100%.

💡 Tip

Read this article to learn how to export your campaign revenues report

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