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WhatsApp Business Platform Regulations
WhatsApp Business Platform Regulations

Explore WhatsApp's guidelines on conversation categories, customer communication, phone number tiers, message templates, and pricing

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WhatsApp Business Platform Regulations

To ensure proper use of the WhatsApp Business Platform and prevent user dissatisfaction with intrusive messages, WhatsApp has established certain regulations and conditions

In this chapter, you will find the following sections:

  1. Conversation Categories

  2. Customer Communication Guidelines

  3. Phone Number Tiers

  4. Monitoring Number Status

  5. Message Templates

  6. WhatsApp API Pricing

Conversation Categories

WhatsApp has introduced a new definition for conversations as follows:

- User-Initiated Conversations: These conversations last for 24 hours from the moment the customer sends a message.

- Business-Initiated Conversations: These conversations also last for 24 hours and start from the moment the business sends a message.

Customer Communication Guidelines

Responding to customer-initiated conversations:

During the first 24 hours from the time the customer sends a message, the business can respond to those conversations without any limitations on the number of messages. After 24 hours, any message sent by the business will be categorized as a business-initiated conversation and will be subject to the following conditions:

- Prior approval for the message template content (message templates will be defined later).

- Activation of the payment method on Facebook Business Manager.

- "Good" rating for the message template and WhatsApp number (classification will be defined later).

- Prior consent from the customer to receive messages, with the option to unsubscribe.

Phone Number Tiers

The number of business-initiated conversations allowed within 24 hours depends on the classification of your WhatsApp number. There are five levels through which your number may pass:

Tier 1 (Unverified): you can only send 250 daily messages. This level is automatically assigned when starting to use WhatsApp Business before verifying the Facebook account.

Tier 2 (Verified): 1000 daily messages.

Tier upgrade: Moving from the limit of 1000 messages to an unlimited number of messages depends on sending twice the maximum allowed messages in the current classification within the last 48 hours, along with a positive response to the sent message campaigns.

Tier downgrade: This occurs only in the case of a negative response from customers to the sent message campaigns. A significant number of customers blocking your number after receiving your messages is considered a negative response.

Tier upgrade and downgrade: These processes are automated and carried out by WhatsApp based on your account performance and interactions with customers. Therefore, it is advised not to purchase databases or send intrusive campaigns, as these actions can lead to the suspension of your number.

Monitoring Number Status

You can directly monitor your number's status on the WhatsApp Business platform by going to your account's icon (1), selecting Account Settings (2), and then WhatsApp Numbers (3). You can assess your number's status, evaluate its quality, and view the maximum number of messages you can send daily through the WhatsApp Business platform.


Avoid sending any marketing campaigns when the status is not green and wait for a few days until your number's status improves.

Message Templates

To initiate a conversation from the business, you must:

  • Create a message template.

  • Obtain prior approval from Facebook (may take anywhere from a few seconds to 24 hours).

  • Specify the template category.

WhatsApp categorizes message templates based on their purpose of use:

🔔 Utility Conversations:

These include order confirmations, invoice creation, delivery updates, and confirmation or responses to a conversation after the 24-hour window.

🔑 Authentication Conversations:

These include proactive messages from your store, allowing users to receive a one time password or verification code to access their accounts.

📢 Marketing Conversations:

These templates are used for promotional purposes, including discounts, offers, and marketing campaigns.

WhatsApp API Pricing

Please note that this pricing is subject to change, and it is advisable to verify it through the official platform from this link:

The pricing varies by country and based on the type of conversation: initiated by the business (using templates) or initiated by the user.

WhatsApp pricing in Saudi Arabia

🔔 Utility Conversations:

The conversation cost is 0.09 SAR.

🔑 Authentication Conversations:

The conversation cost is 0.08 SAR.

📢 Marketing Conversations:

The conversation cost is 0.15 SAR.

⚙️ Service Conversations:

The conversation cost is 0.07 SAR.

WhatsApp free entry points

If a potential customer contacts you through Instagram or Facebook ads or a WhatsApp button on your Facebook page, for example, a free chat window will open for 72 hours, and you will be able to send any template message during that time without any additional charges.

Free Messages

WhatsApp provides businesses with one thousand free messages each month. They are only used to respond to customer inquiries.

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