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How to build BusinessChat chatbot?
How to build BusinessChat chatbot?

Learn how to design your chatbot to automate your conversations!

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BusinessChat customers can now use the platform to build their own chatbot to automate their customer's conversations 24/7.

You can check out our explainer video:

Let’s start👌!

Access the Chatbot’s builder page by clicking this button

Click on Get Started.


Your menu is your customer's first message after the welcome message. Make sure to add a friendly message that shows up on your Chatbot to welcome your customers.


Add up to 10 Buttons to control customer flow. The menu buttons' response type is divided into two sections:

Share Message

You must add a reply message for each button that automatically gets sent when the user clicks on that button. And action buttons that help customers navigate your flow. This button type can only be attached with Text, image, document, and Location.

Track Order Status (Required e-commerce app integration)

This button lets your customers request their purchased order status in real-time. The bot will ask the customers about the order number and return the order's current status.

⚡ Attention

Make sure to use the custom field that is responsible for generating the customer's order status from your e-commerce store.

If the bot can't find the order number, we will allow customers to try another time. Also, you can give them the ability to Talk To Team.


Invalid menu button

If you got the warning icon on your chatbot menu button, go to the collections page and fix the connected collection, or you can select another valid one.

Once you have finished editing your buttons, you can re-order them at any time by the drag-and-drop indicator beside each button, and you can preview the menu button from the scrollable preview box.

💡 Tip

Action buttons are triggered once the button is clicked. A maximum of three buttons can be assigned to each button.

- Talk To A Team: The conversation will be routed to the selected team.
- Back To Main Menu: The user will return to your first menu.
- Jump To Another Menu Button: jump to any of your added buttons.
- Close Conversation: The conversation will be closed, and sends the close conversation message prepared inside the Operator.


Type in your phone number, click on Generate A Test Link and choose between using the provided link or QR code to test your chatbot.

Once you’re done testing, click on Skip Test.

Review and launch

Your chatbot will be available for review with the changes you made in Arabic and English(All added languages). Once you’re done reviewing, click on Launch.

⚡ Attention

The Chatbot builder feature will be available on specific plans.

Great 🥳 Now you are ready to build your chatbot 🤖!

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