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How to set up the chatbot operator?
How to set up the chatbot operator?

Learn how to set up your chatbot operator.

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Enhances the customer experience by sending automatic messages in multiple languages throughout their journey. Let's explore its capabilities:



Easily customize chatbot welcome messages in different languages.

💡 Tip

You must translate chatbot buttons and the operator messages if you add multiple languages.

Bot Name

Personalize your chatbot by adding a name. This name will appear to contacts on WhatsApp while chatting with the chatbot.


Assign idle bot conversations to a team

Redirect inactive customers after an hour. Choose a team for redirection.

When a conversation is assigned to a team

Inform customers about their team assignment and estimated reply time.

When a customer contacts you out of working hours

Set a message for inquiries outside working hours. Let customers know when you'll be available.

If the customer messaged you after being routed by the bot

Automatically inform customers that they are already assigned to an agent.

If the customer replied with wrong entry

Guide customers who reply with wrong entries. Customizable messages with translations.

Ask for a conversation rating

Collect feedback at the end of conversations to improve services. This message will be sent after 10 minutes when an agent closes the conversation.


We will send the survey only if the contact chatted with an agent. If the conversation with the chatbot has been closed, the survey won't be sent.

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