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Define office hours for your teams
Define office hours for your teams

Learn how to set/change teams working hours.

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You can control how to deal with customers that contact you beyond your working hours.

Working hours are controlled at the team level to customize your working hours per team.

Configure team working hours

Go to Account SettingsTeams → Then select the team you want to edit the working hours for.

Then navigate to Team Working Hours.

Here you can start editing the working hours per team. By default, the team working hours are configured to work all weekdays for 24 hours.

To change a day, click on the drop-down list and select the start time, then you can edit the end time.

If you have shifted, you can add more than one-time range within the same day.

Click on Add Hours to add a new time range on the same day.

And so, you can go ahead and configure all other days. You can configure each day separately or copy the configuration from one day to another. To do that, click on Copy To and select the dates you want to have the same setup.

You can configure that day as Not working for days you are not working.

When it's finished, please click Save.

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Pay attention to the time zone.

Make sure your time zone is configured correctly. Read this article to learn how to change your account time zone.

How will this impact the customer bot flow?

If your bot is configured to take the working hours into account, the bot will check the configured working hours and acts accordingly based on your chatbot design.

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