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Business Time Zone
Business Time Zone

Learn how to set/update your BusinessChat account time zone.

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Your BusinessChat account will have a time zone that applies to all date and time information in your account.


Time zone applies to all users in your account

All users within the same account have the same time zone. the time zone is configured at the business level, not the user level.

Where is the time zone reflected?

The time zone is reflected in the following areas:

  • Messages: you will see the messages on your account time zone.

  • Events: you will see the events on your account time zone.

  • Reports: The reports are based on your time zone.

  • Contacts: All contacts' date information is based on the business time zone.

  • Working hours: Business working hours are based on the business time zone.

How to configure or change my time zone?

Click on the profile icon, then press Account settings.

From the General settings page, click on the time zone list.

Select your time zone, then press Save.

Congrats! Now you are ready to set up your BusinessChat account time zone ⌚.

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