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What are teams used for?
What are teams used for?

Learn the benefits of creating teams in your workspace.

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A team is a shared inbox between multiple users. Each account will have a minimum of one team.

Agents belong to teams. Each team has access to their contacts and their conversations only. When a customer wants to talk to a team, the bot will check which team members are online, then assign the conversation to that agent.

When should I configure a new team?

When users provide the same service for customers, you can group them under the same team.

For example:

If all your support team members provide the same service for customers with no specialization, you can put them under the same team.

On the other hand, if your support users have a specialization, let's say some of them are responsible for refunds, then you can have those users under a different team that you can name Refund Team.

What can I achieve by having teams?


Bots route conversations to teams; for example, if the customer asks the bot to take to the refund team, the bot will route and assign the conversation to one of the refund team users.


The BusinessChat platform assigns new conversations directed to a team to members of that team only.


How does the assignment work?

Read this article to understand how the BusinessChat platform assigns conversations to customers.

Working hours

Teams share the same working hours calendar, so the bot can inform the customer about the working hours if the customer tries to reach the team outside of working hours.


Learn how to configure your team's working hours.

You can read This article to learn how to configure your team's working hours.

Conversation access permissions

Team members share the same access permissions to conversations. So you can define what conversations they can see and what conversations they can't see.


Configure team permissions.

By configuring the team access permissions, you can specify what conversations each team can access.

Location-based services

If you offer services based on location, you can configure your bot to know the location of your team and route customer conversations to that team based on location.

Team shared inbox

Team members share the same inbox. As a result, they have access to all conversations in that inbox. To access a team-shared inbox, the user must click on that team name on the chat screen.

BusinessChat Access team shared inbox

Usually, a conversation will be assigned to a team member, but teammates can check the inbox for these conversations and jump to help if required.

BusinessChat shared team view


You can read this article to learn how to create teams.

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