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How conversations are assigned to agents?
How conversations are assigned to agents?

Understand the conversation assignment logic.

Updated over a week ago

The assignment is handled automatically by the BusinessChat platform.

Assignment of Bot conversations to users

BusinessChat Platform assigns the conversation to users as follows:

  1. The team that the customer wants to talk to → conversations are assigned based on teams.

  2. The platform then checks for logged-in users → conversations are assigned to logged-in users only.

  3. The platform excludes users who have active watching mode → if the watching mode is active, no conversation will be automatically assigned to the agent.

  4. The platform then checks for the users that did not exceed their assignment limit → if a user reaches their assignment limit, conversations won't be assigned to them.

  5. Then, the BusinessChat Platform will look for the user with the lowest number of open conversations and assign the conversation to him.


What will happen if the platform cannot assign conversations to users?

In that case, conversations will be visible in the Team view in the unassigned view, and the agent can manually take over these conversations if required. Otherwise, the BusinessChat platform will monitor the unassigned conversations until the following user is available to assign the conversation to him.

Other cases where conversations get assigned automatically to users

We have some cases where the conversation are automatically assigned to users:

  1. if a user replies to a bot conversation: in this way, the platform assumes that the user wants to take over the conversation from the bot and, accordingly, assigns the conversation to that user.

  2. If a user reopened a conversation, the conversation would be re-assigned to him.

  3. if the user closed.

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