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Team assignment limit
Team assignment limit
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Manage high conversation volume effortlessly and manage workload with assignment limit

If your team handles high conversation volumes, your team workload can quickly become uneven and disorganized.

You can use the assignment limit feature to ensure that your team stays focused and handles a managed amount of conversation at any given moment.

How to configure the assignment limit?

The assignment limit is configured per team. So, to configure the assignment limit for a team, follow these steps.

  1. Go to Settings, then choose a Team.

  1. Click on the Assignment Limit dropdown.

  1. Now you can configure the limit that will apply to each agent within this team.

If the future is enabled, increase or decrease the limit, and it will be saved automatically.

If the feature is disabled, enable it, then configure the limit.

4. Turning off the assignment limit feature will open the assignment, where conversations get assigned to agents without considering the limit.

What if a user belongs to multiple teams?

In that case, the limit of each team will apply separately without considering the other team's limit.

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