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Opt-out from automatic assignment by enabling Watching Mode
Opt-out from automatic assignment by enabling Watching Mode
Updated over a week ago

The watching mode feature gives the user permission to stop conversations assigned to him.

What is the watching mode?

In watching mode, a user is logged in and he is able to view conversations , access contacts and reports based on his role. but, we will not assign conversation to him automatically. if he want to work on a conversation he can assign it to himself manually.

How to turn on the Watching mode?

  1. First of all, you need to be logged in to your account on the BusinessChat platform.

  1. Click on your avatar and turn on the Watching mode button.

Note that the circle beside your avatar changed from green to yellow, which means your mode is Watching, and the conversations will no longer be assigned to you automatically.

What is the default mode?

  • In case your role is an Admin. Then, when you login, then your default mode is Watching.

  • In case your role is User. Then, when you login, your default mode is Active.

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