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Managing workspaces
Managing workspaces

Add users to more than one workspace. Get started with BusinessChat's workspaces feature!

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BusinessChat users can belong to two or more workspaces using the same email. This will help users to work in more than one workspace at the same time.

Users that belong to multiple workspaces have different BusinessChat roles for these accounts.

For example, you can have the admin role in account A and the user role in account B.


Joining workspaces

The owner should be the same for all shared workspaces.

This article will include the following:

  • Invite new members to join your workspace.

  • How to switch between your workspaces.

  • Message notifications experience in workspaces

Let's Start 👌

Invite a new user to the workspace.

BusinessChat admin or owner can invite an active member - in another workspace - to join their workspace. Once the user accepts the invitation, his email will be associated with two workspaces.

From the user's page, click the New User button, fill out the user email, give him a specific name for this workspace, then click Send Invite.

How to switch between your workspaces.

Once you accept the new workspace invitation, whenever you log in again to BusinessChat, you will see all accounts associated with your email.

Press Continue on any of your workspaces to login into this account.


Once you log in to any of your accounts, you will be set to active mode in all accounts with the user role.

How to switch between workspaces?

You will find the switch workspace icon in the down-left corner. Open the menu and switch to any of your accounts.

Messages Notifications

While logged in to any of your accounts, you can still receive messages from the other accounts.

Once you receive a new message, you will get a notification above the switch workspace icon. You can easily open the menu and switch to the account with new messages.


Resetting your password from any of your accounts will change all accounts' passwords.

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