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Users roles in BusinessChat platform
Users roles in BusinessChat platform

Get to know BusinessChat users' roles.

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Three permissions levels allow maximum flexibility and control over your data in BusinessChat.

The different roles in BusinessChat platform:

  • Owner

  • Admin

  • User

The role is configured at the user level.

What is the 'Owner' role?

As the name indicates, this user owns the account. No one can delete or change the role of this user. Other than that, the owner has the same permissions as the Admin.

What is the 'Admin' role?

As we said, Admin has all permissions of the Owner except the ability to edit or delete the Owner information.

Permissions of Owner and Admin roles

  • Manage users (Adding users, Deactive, changing roles...).

  • Configure Business Settings ( Working hours, Assignment limit, Team name...).

  • Check and export contacts.

  • View and export reports.

  • Access all conversations and team views.

What is the 'User' Role?

User roles should be given to team members so they can engage in direct conversations with customers without the ability to access the business data.

Permissions of User role

  • Access conversations that he has permission to view.

  • Access Contacts that he has permission to view.

  • Change his profile info, notifications preferences, and display language.

In the following table, you can find the points of differences between Admin and User:




Manage users

Manage Account

Export Contacts

View Reports

Engage in conversations

Access Conversations

Based on team permission

Edit Profile info

Change a User role?

1. To change a user role, go to Account Settings, then Users.

2. Select the user that you want to update the role for

3. update the role and click Save.


What is the billing role?

A billing role can be assigned to Admin or user roles. Read this article to know more about the billing role.

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