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What is BusinessChat billing role?
What is BusinessChat billing role?

Learn what you can access & and edit with a billing role.

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In BusinessChat, we have three permissions levels to allow maximum flexibility and control over your data.

The different roles in the BusinessChat platform:

  • Owner

  • Admin

  • User

Also, the owner can give admins or users a Billing role.

⚡ Attention

The billing cycle applies to BusinessChat customers who subscribe to our standard online payment plans. It does not apply to enterprise customers that pay via bank transfer.

What can a billing role user control?

  1. Get business billing notifications.

  2. Check subscription details.

  3. Access & download invoices.

  4. Update payment method.

  5. Upgrade/downgrade plan.

  6. Cancel subscription.

Get business billing information.

You will be notified about payments, invoices, and subscriptions.

Check subscription details.

You can access billing & shipping addresses and update a payment method.

You can check monthly invoices and download them when you need.

You can add/change the payment method.

You can change the plan from Monthly to Annual and vice versa.

You can cancel the business subscription.

⚡ Attention

Read this article to see how to assign a billing role to a user.

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