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How to Upgrade/Downgrade my BusinessChat plan?
How to Upgrade/Downgrade my BusinessChat plan?

Learn the steps of changing your BusinessChat plan.

Updated over a week ago

BusinessChat has two online standard plans:

  • BusinessChat monthly plan.

  • BusinessChat annual plan.


The billing cycle applies to businesschat customers who subscribe to our standard online payment plans. It does not apply to enterprise customers that pay via bank transfer.

You can change your plan anytime by following the steps in this article.

Click on your profile icon, then go to Manage subscription.

Click on your plan overview box.

Click Edit Subscription.

Inside your plan overview box, press Change.

Select the plan you want, then click Update.

The change will take place at the end of your current billing period. So if you're subscribed to a yearly plan, you will switch to monthly billing at the end of the current period. The same applies if you subscribe to an annual plan.

Great🥳! Now check your email address for the plan-changing confirmation email!

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