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Inbox: User Guide

Learn how to handle conversations, use saved replies, and conduct surveys. Assign conversations, add topics, and close them when finished.

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Inbox: User Guide

The inbox is the place where you interact with your customers to answer all their questions.

In this Chapter, you will find the following sections:

  1. User Settings

  2. Inbox Demonstration

  3. Mobile App

User Settings

To customize their accounts, agents need to click on their account Icon (1) and go to Profile (2).


You can upload a profile picture (1), change your name (2), or password (3).


Control where you receive conversation notifications (1) and low conversation ratings (2)—whether on your desktop (3), mobile (4), or via email (5).


Choose between Arabic or English (1) for easy platform usage and Save Changes (2).

Inbox demonstration

When a customer initiates a conversation, the chatbot will welcome them and start engaging with them. You can view the conversation here.

When a customer requests to speak with an employee, the bot will redirect them to an active employee.

Receive conversations from customers

to start receiving conversations from customers, you need to toggle off Watching mode.

You can see all previous conversations between the customer and other agents (1), as well as customer information on the left side (2), such as their name, mobile number, language, and conversation start date.

Below the information box, you can block (3) the customer from communicating with you and search for specific words within the conversation (4).

You can reply within the box at the bottom of the page (5).

Saved reply

To send a saved reply, choose a conversation (1), click on the saved replies icon (2), select the desired message (3), add custom field value (4), and then send (5).

Survey conversations

You can also send survey conversations within the saved replies window (1).

Click on templates (2), select the survey message (3), and send (4).

Adding a note

Within the notes box (1), you can leave comments about the customer (2) visible only to your colleagues and click Add note (3).

Assign conversation to another agent

By clicking on the assign menu (1), You can also reassign the conversation to another teammate or another team (2).

Conversation topic

You can add a topic to the conversation by going to Conversations (1), clicking the topics button at the top of the page (2) and selecting a topic (3).

Close conversation

When the conversation with the customer is finished, you must close the conversation using the button at the top of the page.

If the conversation is not closed, it will affect the average conversation completion time report, and the marketing team will not be able to send any campaigns to a customer with an open conversation.

Very important

  • Businesses are allowed to respond to conversations initiated by the customer only within 24 hours from the time of the first message sent by the customer.

  • There is no limit to the number of messages you can send to reply to the customer during the 24-hour window.

  • After the 24-hour period, you will need to send a template message, and this will incur additional costs for your company.

Mobile Application

The Business Chat platform mobile app allows you to respond to customers on the go.

You can download BusinessChat mobile application from iOS and Android app stores.

You need to have an account on the BusinessChat platform to log in and use the application

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