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How to create saved replies messages in BusinessChat?
How to create saved replies messages in BusinessChat?

Use the saved replies feature to improve your team's response.

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Start building saved replies to save your team time and effort. Saved replies will improve the response time of your teams.

You can check out our explainer video:

Or proceed with reading the article.

In this article, you'll learn how to:

  • Create saved replies.

  • Delete saved replies.

  • Use saved replies in conversations.

Now, Let's start! 👌

Create saved replies

Click on your Profile icon(1), then press on Account settings(2).

Head to Saved Replies(1) from the tabs, then click Create saved reply(2).

Add your title(1), then enter your message(2).

💡 Tip

You can use custom fields in your quick reply to customize your message to every contact.

When you finish editing your quick reply, press Save.

Delete Saved reply

select your quick reply from table(1), press Delete Message(2), then Delete(3).

Use saved replies in conversations

Inside your conversation, click on the quick reply icon.

Select your quick reply message(1) then press Send(3).

⚡ Attention

Inside the preview box, If your quick reply has any custom fields, make sure to enter your custom field(2) values.

💡 Tip

You can switch to Templates(1) to use your approved WhatsApp templates within the same modal. Edit(2) your selected template(Custom fields, fallback values, media..etc.), then press Send Message Template(3).

Congratulations! Now you are ready to build your saved replies 🥳.

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