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WhatsApp Templates: Agent Response usage.
WhatsApp Templates: Agent Response usage.

Start with WhatsApp agent response message templates.

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This article will describe the WhatsApp Agent response usage template and how you can use it across the BusinessChat platform.

This article will include the following:

  • Template goal.

  • Template uses.

  • Template components.

Let's Start 👌!


Agent response templates are mainly used to engage and communicate with customers after the 24-hour locked conversation. However, agent response can be used anytime in open conversations.


Inbox: Communicate with customers after the 24-hours lock.

Press the Select A Template button, select the template you need, then click Send.





Interactive buttons





Header (optional)
Headers are optional and can include the following types of media.

  • Image.

  • Document.

  • Video.

  • Text (up to 60 characters, can consist of 1 custom field).

Body (required)
Body content is required and is a text field only. Bodies can contain 1024 characters and be registered as plain text or text with placeholders; they can be stylized and contain emojis.

Footer (optional)

The footer is an optional text field. Footers can contain up to 60 characters.

Interactive Buttons (optional)

Buttons are two types: Quick reply & Call-to-action; Template can contain one type only.

  1. Quick replies - You can have up to three quick reply buttons per template: predefined answers and flexible payload.

  2. Call-to-action - You can have up to two buttons per message, one for each action. Supported actions are calling a call phone number and visiting a website.

Button label - The text that your customers will see.
Type of URL - This can be a dynamic or static URL.
URL - The link your customer will go to by clicking this button.

💡 Tip

See other templates' usages.

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