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WhatsApp Templates: closed conversation notification.
WhatsApp Templates: closed conversation notification.

Get started with closed conversation notification templates.

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This article will describe the WhatsApp closed conversation notification usage template and how you can use it across the BusinessChat platform.

This article will include the following:

  • Template goal.

  • The template uses in BusinessChat.

  • Template components.

Let's Start 👌!


Whenever an agent closes a conversation, the bot automatically generates a closed conversation notification template, which is used to inform customers about ending the conversation. It can contain a thanks message and inform the customers that they can re-open the conversations anytime.


Chatbot Operator: these templates must be assigned to the chatbot operator to Inform customers about closing the conversation

Press the Select A Template button, select the template you need, then click Save.


The assigned template must be approved for both added languages if your chatbot has two languages.


Chatbot operator

Read this article to learn how to set up your chatbot operator.





Interactive buttons

Not available


Not available

Not available


If your template's components structure changes on your WhatsApp Manager, it will be invalid for this usage since it's not following the general structure of this usage.

To fix the invalid status, you need to edit and revert it to the following structure.

💡 Tip

See other templates' usages.

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