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WhatsApp Templates: Cart Abandonment usage.
WhatsApp Templates: Cart Abandonment usage.

Get started with cart abandonment message templates.

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This article will describe the WhatsApp cart abandonment usage template and how to use it across the BusinessChat platform.

This article will include the following:

  • Template goal.

  • Template components.

  • The template uses in BusinessChat.

Let's Start 👌!


You can use cart abandonment templates to follow up with customers who didn't complete their shopping carts.


Outbound Automation
Cart abandonment templates can be assigned in the Send Template Message step inside your cart abandonment automation.

Select a template, then click Save.


Cart abandonment automation

Read this article to learn how to create your cart abandonment automation.







Interactive buttons

Cart Abandonment

Optional (text, media, file)


Optional (opt-out message)

link to cart (you can change the label)

🔴 Warning

If you change the component structure of your template on WhatsApp Manager, it will no longer be valid for this usage. Please edit and revert it to the required structure to fix this.

Header (optional)
Headers are optional and can include the following types of media:

  • Image.

  • Document.

  • Video.

  • Text (up to 60 characters, can consist of 1 custom field).

Body (required)
Body content is required, and it is a text field only. Bodies can contain 1024 characters and be registered as plain text or text with custom fields; they can be stylized and contain emojis.

Footer (optional)

The footer is an optional text field. Footers can contain up to 60 characters.

In the cart abandonment template footer, you can add an opt-out footer to prevent your number from getting blocked or reported as spam.

Interactive Buttons (required)

The cart abandonment template has only one call-to-action button containing the customers' abandoned cart links. We will automatically add the links to the button; you can only change the button label.

💡 Tip

App Store Integration

Cart Abandonment templates can be only available if you have installed an e-commerce app in BusinessChat App Store.

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