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Collect feedback with satisfaction surveys
Collect feedback with satisfaction surveys

Get to know your conversation rating.

Updated over a week ago

The chatbot can survey your customers for feedback after closing the conversation.

You can gather customer feedback on their interactions with your team with conversation ratings. When a teammate closes a conversation with a customer, or the customer closes his conversation by the chatbot flow, the bot will send a simple survey asking how their experience was.

You can also view a report of your conversation ratings to monitor your support team’s performance.

This helps managers spot and reward star performers and identify opportunities to improve the quality of support their team provides.

Here’s how they look on the platform:

When does the bot send conversation ratings?

The bot only sends a conversation rating survey when a conversation matches the following criteria:

  • Rating will be shared after 10 minutes after closing the conversation.

  • Rating will be shared if the customer closes his conversation during the flow of the chatbot or if the user closes the conversation after it's assigned to him.

  • The user should send at least one message to the customers, and the customer reply to share the conversation rating.

  • The conversation rating includes three interactive buttons, just a text message (emojis are not allowed)

  • We will share 3 rating levels through interactive buttons that will show as follows:

0% - Not Satisfied

50% - Natural

100% - Satisfied

  • The rating message can also be sent after 24 hours if you submit it as a template message to your provider.

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