Satisfaction report

Get to know your customer's rating of the experience.

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If your bot is configured to survey customers after the conversation ends, you will find the details of these surveys in the satisfaction report.

The report reflects the average of customers who rated the conversation with your business.

How is the average calculated?

We have their levels of satisfaction (Satisfied, Natural, Unsatisfied). Based on customer satisfaction, we give the following value to his rating:

  • Satisfied → 100%

  • Natural → 50%

  • Unsatisfied → 0%

The average is calculated based on the customers who rated the conversations. So, for example, if we sent the rating to 100 customers and only 10 of them rated the conversation, we calculate the average for those ten customers.

Exporting customers' feedback?

Click the Export Report button to see who rated the conversation and their feedback.

Once you click on the report, our system will start preparing the report. Once ready, you will receive an email with the report attached.

The exported report includes the following details:

  • User's name: The name of the user who closed the conversation.

  • Team name: the team of the user who closed the conversation.

  • Date and Time: Date and time of the rating.

  • Contact name: The customer's name.

  • Rating: the customer rating.

  • Feedback: customer feedback through the conversation rating.

  • Conversation link: the link to the conversation with the agent.

⚡ Attention

Design your survey

Please read this article to understand how we survey customers.

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