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How To Manage Automation?
How To Manage Automation?

Learn how to manage your automation.

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Automation can be personalized to match your specific needs, helping you make the most of its efficiency. You can easily adjust and edit your automation to ensure it runs smoothly and meets your goals.

This article will include:

  • Edit Automation.

  • Change automation status.

Let's start 😉!

How to edit automation?

From the automation statistic page, click on the Edit icon.

You can edit the template or delay the time configuration. Also, you can add/remove one of the optional steps anytime.

Review your changes, then press Publish Changes.


All contacts will complete their current step, and the edit will affect new contacts who enter the automation and will not affect current contacts in their step.

Automation Status

The automation can have one of the following statuses:

  • Drafted

    The automation can have this status on the first creation. While the automation is in Draft status, you can Delete it or set it to Live.

  • Pending

    If you have any WhatsApp templates selected with a pending status, the automation will stay in a pending state until the templates are approved. Once your selected templates are approved, the system will activate the automation and make it live. Additionally, you will receive a notification email.

  • Live

    When the automation is live, that means any contacts who met the Trigger conditions will start the automation. While the automation is live, you can Pause or Deactivate it anytime.

🔴 Warning

Pausing the automation will keep active contacts at their current step, and they will proceed with the automation whenever you decide to resume it. While deactivating the automation will mark the active contacts as exited the automation.

  • Paused

    While the automation is paused, you can Resume or Deactivate it anytime.


Whenever you need to resume the automation, you can resume your automation to contacts inside the automation and contacts joined in the pausing period.

  • Deactivated

    When the automation is deactivated, you can only Resume the automation once again.

⚡ Attention

When the automation is resumed after deactivating, it will only start for new joining contacts, and the automation data will be cleared for the previous contacts.

What should I do if the system pauses the automation?

The system pauses the automation if there is an issue that interrupts the automation.

The automation can be paused because of one of the following reasons:

  1. One of the template messages used has an invalid status.

  2. One of the template messages used status changed to rejected.

  3. One of the template messages used has been deleted.

  4. Your e-commerce app has been uninstalled.

  5. Your e-commerce app access token became invalid.

  6. The business has outstanding usage invoices.

  7. Your WhatsApp number has an issue.

  8. Your WhatsApp has a payment issue.

To learn how to solve the automation issue, mouse over the warning chip to find further information. However, you can set your automation to live once again.

⚡ Attention

The automation will automatically activated when the pausing error has been resolved.

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