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How to fix invalid WhatsApp Templates?
How to fix invalid WhatsApp Templates?

Learn how to edit your invalid WhatsApp template.

Updated over a week ago

Creating and managing templates is a breeze with the BusinessChat platform or WhatsApp Manager. However, tweaking the template settings in WhatsApp Manager might sometimes cause conflicts, resulting in an 'invalid' status.

⚡ Attention

To avoid this issue, create, edit, or delete your templates directly from the BusinessChat Platform.

If you encounter this problem, follow these simple steps to get things back on track:

1. Open the WhatsApp Templates page.

2. If you see the 'Invalid Template' status, click 'Edit' next to the template.

3. Preview the template's last update in WhatsApp Manager. On the left, choose your custom fields again.

4. Select the custom field from the dropdown and enter the fallback value.

5. Once done, click 'Submit Template.'

⚡ Attention

Remember to re-assign the template to the chatbot operator. If the template is being used, check for a warning icon and re-assign the template if needed."

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