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How to create a WhatsApp business account (WABA)?
How to create a WhatsApp business account (WABA)?
Learn how to create a WABA app.
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You can set up your WhatsApp app and connect it with your BusinessChat account to start chatting with your customers on WhatsApp.

This article will include the following:

  1. Create a WABA account and activate your WhatsApp number.

  2. Set up your WABA payment.

Now, Let's get started 👌!

Create a WABA account

1) Create the app

Head to Meta for developers, click My Apps (1), then Create App (2).

⚡ Attention

Make sure you have a Meta for Developers account, read this article to learn how to create your Meta for developers account.

Select an app type (1) then click Next (2).

Provide basic information then click Create app.

2) Add the WhatsApp product

Go to Dashboard (1), go to the WhatsApp product, and click on Set up (2).

Select your Meta Business Account (1), then click Continue (2).

3) Activate the WABA number

Go to Meta for developers, select your app, then go to the WhatsApp tab (1), click on Getting started (2), and Add phone number (3).

Fill in your profile display information, then click on Next.

Add your phone number (1), choose a verification option (2), and click Next (3).

Insert the verification code (1) and click Next (2).


Make sure your app is set to live mode.

4) Check your WhatsApp number status

Inside the Business Manager, go to the WhatsApp Manager page and click the Nav drawer icon.

Choose your business account (1) and click on Phone numbers (2).

Check the table to see your submitted number (1), its Status (2), and the WhatsApp account it's associated with (3).

Setup WABA payment

In Business Manager, go to the Overview page, find the account that you want to add the payment method to (1), click the 3-dot icon (2), and click Manage account settings (3).

In the Settings tab, click Payment Settings.

In the Payment settings page, click Add Payment method.

Follow the instructions to add your payment information and click Next.

Add card details and click Save.

In the Payment settings page, click Edit.

Follow the instructions to add your business information and click Save.

Congrats🥳! Now you are ready to connect your WABA Number with BusinessChat👌!

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