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How to Edit the WhatsApp API Business Profile
How to Edit the WhatsApp API Business Profile

Learn how to update your WhatsApp Business Profile

Updated over a week ago

Your WhatsApp business profile is important to your company’s growth. It is the digital storefront of your business that contains all your important information.

So, make sure to keep it up to date as it can help establish trust with your potential customers.

Want to change your WhatsApp business platform information ?

Log in to your WhatsApp business manager account by clicking this button:

Select Phone numbers.

Click on the Settings icon.

And last, Profile.

You’ll be able to add:

  • A profile picture (1)

  • A category (2)

  • A description of your business (3)

  • Your Address (4)

  • An Email (5)

  • Your Website’s link (6)

Then, click Save (7).

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