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How to access WhatsApp Manager?
How to access WhatsApp Manager?
Updated over a week ago

WhatsApp manager is the interface that Meta gives you to manage your WhatsApp numbers.

How can you access the WhatsApp Manager?

1. Go to: which will direct you to your Facebook Business Suite.

2. After logging into your Facebook Business Suite, click on Settings

3. Choose the option “More Business Settings” to access your Facebook Business Manager.

4. Once you are on the Facebook Business Manager, click on "WhatsApp Accounts" in the left column.


Only the Admin can see this option. You can check your access by going to Users -> People and selecting your name. If you are not an admin, please ask an admin to proceed.

5. You can see all your WhatsApp accounts here. To check your WhatsApp Business Account ID (WABA ID), please click on a WhatsApp account, and the WABA ID should appear under the WhatsApp account name.

6. Finally, click on Settings and then WhatsApp Manager.

Please see our guide to learn more about your WhatsApp Manager.

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