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How to migrate a phone number from one BSP to another?
How to migrate a phone number from one BSP to another?
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If you have a WhatsApp Business Account with a BSP and want to migrate to another BSP without losing the same WhatsApp Business Number, you can easily do that now. This means you can choose your favorite BSP, and also you get to keep your:

  • Display Name

  • Quality Rating

  • Official Business Account Status

  • Messaging Limits

  • Template Messages that have been approved previously

Template messages and chat history migration

Only high-quality message templates are migrated in this process. In practice, they are copied to the destination WABA. These templates do not need to go through review again and can be sent immediately. Low-quality, rejected, or pending templates are not migrated. Any existing message templates in the destination WABA will not be overwritten. Message and chat history are not migrated with this process.

Billing migration

Messages sent before migration are charged to the source BSP. Messages sent after migration are charged to the destination BSP. Messages sent from the source that are not delivered before migration are still charged to the source BSP when they get delivered.

Official business accounts (green badge)

Official Business Accounts (OBAs) can be migrated between WABAs. The only requirement is that the two-factor authentication needs to be disabled during the migration process. It can be re-enabled after the number is migrated.

Prerequisites for number migration:

  • The client must be able to receive and verify a 6 Digit PIN Code through SMS or Voice Call.

  • The WhatsApp Business Account connected to the number to be ported must be verified by Facebook. Accounts in Sandbox mode cannot be ported.

  • Two-Factor Verification Must be disabled for the number. You must ask your old BSP to disable Two-Factor Verification (2FA) on your number.

  • Access to your Facebook Business Manager so you can accept the migration request.


Let us help

Let our team help you; once you need to migrate your number, contact us via chat.

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