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Adding users to the platform
Adding users to the platform

Add users to manage your work.

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In this article, learn how to invite teammates to the BusinessChat Platform.

BusinessChat Platform is a collaborative environment where you can have as many users as you need to support your customers.

Why do I need to add more users?

One of the main features of the WhatsApp Business Platform is adding multiple users under the same WhatsApp number. You can add more users to the following:

  • Support customers by adding members to the support team.

  • Drive sales conversations by adding sales team members.

  • Marketing team members to analyze the CRM and launch Marketing campaigns.

  • Admin users to help you manage the account.

How many users can I add?

You can add as many users as you need. The only limitation is your subscription plan. All BusinessChat plans include a minimum of three users per account.

If you need more users, please feel free to contact your account manager.

How to add a user?

Click on your avatar in the bottom left corner, then go to Account Settings, Select Users, and then Add a New User.

From there, you can invite a new user.

You need to fill out the add user form by providing the following information:

  • User's first and last name.

  • User's email.

  • User's phone number (with country code).

  • The user role (Admin or user).

  • The user's account default Language.

  • Teams that the user belongs to.

Once done, click Save.

⚡ Attention

User roles

Please ensure you understand the role you assign to users to ensure you don't give them more privileges than you need. Read more about users' roles in this article.

💡 Tip

You don't have to provide both the email and the phone numbers. Instead, users can access the account using their email number only.

User confirmation

Once you add the user, he will receive an email to confirm his account.

Upon confirmation, the user can edit his name, profile picture, and interface language.

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