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How to search conversation notes?
How to search conversation notes?

Learn how to get back to your conversations added notes.

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Adding notes to your conversations is a crucial practice for customer specificity and easy reference in the future.

How to Search for Conversation Notes?

1. Navigate to your chat page.

2. Click the search icon.

3. Type at least four characters relevant to your note.

4. Hit the search icon and find your matching results.

⚡ Attention

Entering a minimum of four characters is mandatory for an effective search, ensuring unique and precise results.

Upon searching, all relevant conversations will be displayed. Access is limited based on your team's permission settings. I hope this version provides a more streamlined and user-friendly guide.

How can I use the notes search more efficiently?

You can always add a unique note for contacts, such as the order ID, shipping ID, and payment reference number.

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