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Understanding Conversations Views
Understanding Conversations Views

Understand how to set up your conversation views.

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Conversation views are like organizational filters for your discussions, grouping them based on common topics. This makes it easier to manage and respond to conversations efficiently.

How to Add a Conversation View?

For BusinessChat Admins, creating or updating a topic lets you mark it as a conversation view from the Topics Management page. Simply activate the view option for your chosen topic in the topics table.

What's Inside a Conversation View?

Inside a conversation view, you'll see all currently open conversations related to that topic. Conversations are added when they have a related topic after the last-opened event and removed when closed or the topic is removed.

⚡ Attention

While all users can access the views section, they'll only see conversations they have permission to view based on their team permissions settings.

When a conversation is added/removed from the view?

Conversations are part of a view group if they have a related topic after the last-opened event. They're removed when the conversation is closed, or the related topic is archived or removed from that conversation.

Adding a view from the chat page

Admins can also make a topic a conversation view directly from the chat page. Just click the dots icon beside the views section and select your topics.

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