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Track and understand customers' conversations using Topics
Track and understand customers' conversations using Topics
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Use the Topics feature to categorize and understand your conversations with customers.

Your customers contact you for more than one reason. To better understand these conversations, you can use the topics to put your conversations into meaningful groups.

How to add a topic to a conversation?

Click on the topics icon in the conversation view, then select a topic from the available list of topics defined by account admins.



If you can't find the topics icon!

Then it would be best if you defined some topics first.

Once you add a topic to the conversation, a Topic event will appear on the conversation view.


Who can add a topic for a conversation?

All users can add a topic to a conversation with no restriction.

Also, you can configure the chatbot to add a topic to a conversation when the customer reaches a certain point in the chatbot flow.


Automate adding topics using the chatbot

Using the chatbot to add topics removes the hassle from your team and gives you higher accuracy when adding topics. Contact your customer success manager to learn more.


Force adding topics to conversations

Learn how to force your team to add topics to conversations before closing them.

Where can I track conversation topics?

Use the Topics report to see the topics added to customers' conversations over time.

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