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Manage topics to use them in conversations
Manage topics to use them in conversations

Topics can be used to mark your customer's conversation by its topic, filtering customers into categories.

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As an admin, you can configure conversation topics so your team can use them in conversations.


Only owners and admins can access the manage topics page.

Manage your Topics

To Manage your topics, go to account settings, then Conversations Topics.

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You can see all your active topics, when they were created, who created each, and how often your team used each.

You can rename your topic by clicking on the edit icon under Actions.


Then, update the name and click save.


Adding a new topic

Click New Topic from the Conversation's topics page to add a topic.


Then, you give your topic and title and click save.


Now, you can use the newly created topic to mark conversations.

To archive a topic

You can't delete topics, but you can archive them.

Archived topics will no longer be available for the team to use in conversations, but you can find data about their usage in the topics report.

To archive a topic, click on the archive icon under Actions.


You can find the arrived topics under the Archived tab on the conversation's topics page.


If you want to use this topic again, click the restore icon.


Using Topics in conversations

To use topics in your conversations, click on the Topic icon at the top of the conversation box, then select the topic you need from the drop-down list.

Remove a topic from a conversation.

Don't worry if you have assigned the wrong topic for your conversation; you can permanently remove it or change it to another one.

Put your mouse above the topic event, then click the delete icon.

Finally, you can track all your BusinessChat conversation topics through Conversation's topics report📈 .

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