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How to bulk close conversations?
How to bulk close conversations?

Learn how to close multiple conversations is one time.

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The bulk close conversations allow you to close multiple open conversations in one click. It enhances the ability to manage customer service effectively since you can select conversations simultaneously for a whole team or an individual user from the bulk filters.

Bulk Close Conversations

From your account account settings, navigate to the "Bulk close conversations" under the inbox settings section.

How to bulk close conversations?

Filter your bulk action based on your desired period or team/user then click "Close Conversations".

⚡ Attention

Please filter your selection carefully, as this can't be undone.

The closing process may take a few minutes; you'll receive a confirmation email once the action is completed.

💡 Tip

After receiving the closing conversations email, you may need to refresh your chat page to see the immediate results.

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