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Understanding Conversations Notes
Understanding Conversations Notes

Learn how to add notes to your teammates.

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As an inbox agent, you can add notes to a conversation to share important information with your team or create reminders for yourself. These notes can include reference numbers like order ID, payment ID, or shipping numbers.

⚡ Attention

It's essential to note that these added notes aren't visible to contacts. However, any team member accessing the conversation can see the notes; they are not private to you.

How to Add a Note to a Conversation?

While chatting with a customer, you can easily switch to the note tab in the input box and add your notes to share with your team. Notes can be in the form of text, images, or files, and they will be highlighted in yellow.

💡 Tip

For easy retrieval, you can always search your notes to find your customer's reference numbers, such as order ID and shipment ID.

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