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Troubleshooting Cart Abandonment
Troubleshooting Cart Abandonment

Ensuring WhatsApp Business App - QR Code Messages Are Sent

Updated over a week ago

One common issue preventing Cart Abandoned messages from being sent via WhatsApp Business App - QR Code is the absence of a mandatory phone number field on the signup page.

Cart Abandoned messages fail to send because customers haven't made the phone number a mandatory field during the signup process. This oversight results in the lack of a crucial contact detail, hindering the delivery of automated messages to users.

To resolve this issue, it's essential to adjust the signup settings on the ecommerce platform. By making the phone number a mandatory field, users can ensure that all necessary information is collected for effective communication.

Here are the steps to adjust the settings on popular platforms like Salla or Shopify:

  1. Access the ecommerce platform's settings menu.

  2. Navigate to the signup settings section.

  3. Modify the settings to require the inclusion of a phone number during signup.

Additionally, you can seek assistance from the ecommerce support team.

If you encounter this issue and the phone number is already a mandatory field, you can try reinstalling the app through the ecommerce platform.

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