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Connecting Your WhatsApp Business Number via QR Codec
Connecting Your WhatsApp Business Number via QR Codec
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Connect Your WhatsApp Number

1. Sign up for the BusinessChat free plan with your email and password.

2. Scan the QR code on the app page to link your WhatsApp number.

3. Once connected, you'll see a connected chip in the top right corner.


Cart Abandonment

Send reminders to customers who leave their carts; the first is immediately and the second is after a day (optional).

Order Creation Notification

Notify customers instantly when they make a new order.

Order Status Notification

Keep customers updated on their order status with real-time updates. You can select the statuses you want to include in your notifications.

⚡ Attention

You can only use custom fields that are supported under each message box.


  • Cart Abandonment: Keep track of messages sent and recovered carts.

  • Order Creation: Track messages sent and orders created.

  • Order Status: Monitor notification messages sent.

💡 Tip

Any contact who creates an order within five days of receiving the cart message will be attributed to the automation. Read the attribution.

To change or disconnect your number:

In WhatsApp, go to devices, disconnect the connected device, wait a bit, refresh the app page, and scan the QR code again with your new number.

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