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Getting started with BusinessChat - QR
Getting started with BusinessChat - QR
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Get ready to supercharge your e-commerce game with our user-friendly WhatsApp marketing solution. Here's a simple guide to help you make the most of it.

Install your free BusinessChat plan and log in to the BusinessChat page. On the first page, scan the QR code to effortlessly connect your WhatsApp number.

Connecting Your WhatsApp

Open WhatsApp Business on your mobile, navigate to settings -> linked devices, tap "Link a Device," and scan the QR code on BusinessChat.

Cart Abandonment

Engage potential customers who left their carts with an immediate message, and an optional one the next day. Personalize using the customer's name and the abandoned cart link.

Order Status Notification

Keep customers informed from confirmation to delivery with a single message when the order status changes. Personalize using the customer's name, order number, and status.

Order Created Notification

Confirm a successful order creation with a personalized message. Personalize using the customer's name, order number, and status.

Changing/Disconnecting WhatsApp

To change or disconnect your WhatsApp number, open WhatsApp on your mobile, go to settings -> linked devices, select your BusinessChat device, click logout, refresh the BusinessChat page, and reconnect with any number.

That's it! BusinessChat is now your trusty sidekick for boosting your e-commerce success. 🚀 Feel free to reach out if you need any assistance. Happy chatting! 😊

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