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Location and nearest branch message
Location and nearest branch message
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Chatbots are often used by customers to get information from businesses. For example, people need to find the company's location, which is a common question that chatbot can help with.

Location-based chatbots can help in the following situations:

  • Giving directions to your company event.

  • Helping people who are new to an area with easy-to-follow instructions.

  • Encouraging consumers to come by a shop soon to take advantage of a sale.

Integrating Google Maps Location With a ChatBot.

In BusinessChat, we are using integration with Google Maps. We design and train our bot to implement a specific mathematical equation to calculate the distance between the customer location and the nearest Business location.

When the customer requests the nearest branch, the bot asks him to share his location. Next, the bot calculates the distance to reach the nearest branch; Then, the customer receives a clickable link that takes them directly to the Google Maps screen that shows their location, where the business is, and how to get there.

Often the location message accompanies a text message that includes the working hour for the receiving branch.

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